Respectful Inclusive Supported Education (RISE) Anchor Programs (Jr./Sr. High Schools)

The Respectful Inclusive Supported Education (RISE) program is a specialized inclusive program designed for school-aged students who require targeted and/or individualized supports to meet their personalized educational goals.

The identified learning needs of the students may be addressed by a varied, flexible placement in multiple classrooms, a single classroom, and/or in the community. 

RISE Eligibility

The RISE program is designed for students requiring targeted and modified* educational programming. Students participating in modified programs work towards achieving personalized learning outcomes that are significantly different from the provincial curriculum (Standards for Special Education, 2004).

Students enrolled in RISE have physical, cognitive, and/or diagnosed learning exceptionalities that interfere with their abilities to acquire age-appropriate academic, communication, and/or social skills. The RISE program presents students with the opportunity to grow in areas of academic achievement and in daily living skills. Students will participate in school-based events and activities and will receive a Certificate of Completion from Alberta Education in lieu of a high school diploma.

*Modified: As per the Standard for Special Education 2004. "Modified programming means programming in which the learning outcomes are significantly different from the provincial curriculum and are specifically selected to meet students’ special education needs."

Students registered in this program have access to a designated teacher who is responsible for structuring an academic plan that includes individual and small group instruction as well as inclusive educational experiences for each student. A strong focus is placed on developing skills for participating in current school environments as well as abilities necessary for social, recreational, and work opportunities in the future.

RISE Application and Contact

School learning teams and parents seeking placement for a student in the RISE program are invited to contact:

  • Ms. Raymonde Roulston
    Director - Early Childhood Education and Learning Support Services
    780.459.7711, ext. 120
    Send e-mail

For additional information about the program, or to make arrangements for school visits, please contact: