Questions for the Board

Have a question for the Board of Trustees?

The Board invites inquiries from the public in the following manner:

  • Questions from the public are to be kept to three minutes and the Board will not permit critical or accusatory statements, within the question, about particular individuals or schools whether named or identifiable by the context.
  • The question will be read aloud at the scheduled meeting date by the submitter, or if the submitter is unable to be present at the meeting, by the Board Chair during the “Questions form the Public” portion of the Agenda. The Board Chair will read the question and announce the submitter’s name. (Please note: Should the question(s) be deemed a FOIP Request, the individual will be notified within two weeks after the question was submitted).
  • Responses to read questions will be provided as a written summary report under the Report from the Chair at the following regular board meeting.